Don't Wish...WORK is a family owned brand established by The Stroder Family. Birthed in 2014 by Mompreneur Ebony N. Stroder at her ENS Consulting launch, she had no idea she was creating a movement. She coined the phrase as a representation of her work ethic, and  began selling T-Shirts, Candles, and Merchandise to motivate her clients, and others in the pursuit of their dreams and goals. 

In 2015, She wrote her Amazon Best Selling Book Don't Wish Work: Pushing Through Self-Pity To Pursue Your PurposeIn the book she shares her story of conquering suicide. Ebony is transparent about life's obstacles as a black woman who battled anxiety and depression, and how to push through in spite of. 

In 2016, she toured nationally with her book selling thousands of copies, public speaking and teaching. None, of this would have been possible without her husband Mr. Luther Stroder's outgoing personality, sales, and marketing experience. Luther took the Don't Wish...Work brand to another level. In 2018, he took his love of sports, health, and fitness; and became a certified personal trainer. Wearing the T-shirts daily keep him motivated, and he branched out and created the Don't Wish...Work Bootcamp that gathered a few times a week summer of 2018 for a strength and endurance workout. 

Luther and Ebony have two children Nyla Renee Stroder (19) and Luther "LJ" Stroder Jr. (16). Nyla is an aspiring pediatric nurse, loves working with children and being a creative young entrepreneur. LJ loves football, family, toils back and forth between engineering or graphic design as a career. Both love and represent the Don't Wish...Work Movement for young adults pursuing goals and dreams too!